Ministra TV platform
(Smart Launcher 2.0)
Ministra TV platform (ex. Stalker) is a crossplatform solution for OTT service-providers.
It has modular system: apps for a Live TV, Video on Demand, Music, Podcasts, Video streaming e.t.c.
My goals were:

1. Create Launcher 2.0
2. Add features requested by b2b and b2c customers
3. Keep "white label" functionality
4. Keep design consistency with a former version
5. Describe design and logic in Confluence

Case: Describe UX flow with prototypes

Application — entity with a list of functionality installed to the portal (admin can install apps such as TV, Videoclub, e.t.c. from an admin panel)
Main Page — the first page of the launcher after logging in screen, consists of list of links to the applications, logo, clock, search button, e.t.c.
Favorite — favorite apps, TV shows or other content such as video, audio, e.t.c.
Video content — content which includes video such as movie, TV show
Actions — everything you can do with entity by clicking option button
Focus — the same as Hover

1. White label. It means a customer is able to change a logo, a background and a text.
2. Customer is able to change the order of apps.
3. What if a customer doesn't want to: upload channel icons, upload a movie cover? Every case was described.