Ministra Player redesign
Ministra Player (ex. Stalker) is a white labeled mobile solution for OTT service-providers
My goals were:

1. Make a portrait version
2. Improve a user experience, avoid misunderstanding by users

3. Add features requested by b2b and b2c customers
4. Keep a "white label" functionality
5. Keep design consistency with a former version
6. Describe a design and a logic in Confluence

Case: Portrait mode

Mini app — app which an admin is able to add to the interface of Ministra Player as a functionality (for example Video club)
Recently viewed — content which user have seen before
White label — ability add a brand identity to the user interface

Portrait oriented UI, Recently viewed content, white labeled logo and colors, banner to the mini app square

As you can see in the picture below on the left — an old version of Ministra Player is not very flexible. Squares with are too big. User have to swipe to the left to see if something else is available in the app. All of the information about a user and app settings is in the "Settings" mini-app. Also the only one available orientation is landscape, but people naturally carry the phone in portrait orientation.

Newbies have no clue what the Video and Audio clubs are. On the right side is an example of how can we show to the users what do these words mean (banners). Here is also Recently viewed functionality, so user don't need to remember what was the video or a channel she watched last time.
Case: Add features requested by b2b and b2c customers

Channel Logo — a logo of a TV channel
Cover — a poster of the video
Favorite — favorite apps, TV shows or other content such as video, audio, e.t.c.
AirPlay — shares video from a smartphone to the AppleTV
PIP — one program (channel) is displayed on the full screen at the same time as one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows

Add a channel logo to the list of channels
Add AirPlay, PIP and option to choose a TV guide

Here is an example of the TV Channels mini-app with an old design (left) and a new design (right). Customers also requested to see "Favorite" channels in one place, so they don't need to filter it in "Settings" section.
Covers for movies, slider, recently viewed content, group by category

Through the interview with customers I recognized that they do want to have covers of movies in the row. In left side of the picture below you can see that in an old version of Ministra Player you have to read or tap on a line to know what this movie is. Because people scan, but don't read this UI is not very convenient. On the right part of the picture below there are movie covers and also a slider. Customer is able to turn this slider off from the admin panel, but it works good for promoting some new arrivals or even tariff plans. You can also see that the content is grouped by category (detectives).

Here is a small part of functionality is described. If you want to know more about this project please contact me and I will share more.